Gold Periodic Contract

An innovative product from EKB which combines the security of physical gold bullion investment with the benefits of futures contract


Kelebihan Investasi Emas Melalui EKB

Investing with EKB is safe, being an integral part of an organized, fair, accountable and transparent trading system; run by a formal trading institution (PT. Bursa Berjangka Jakarta) and guaranteed by government owned clearing institution (PT. Kliring Berjangka Indonesia), and all activities under strict supervision by CoFTRA (Commodity Futures Trading Agency)

We are motivated by making clients’ interest as first priority and giving best service to clients, we are confident that our sales team would be our extended arms to our mission in achieving client satisfaction

Equilibrium (PT. Equilibrium Komoditi berjangka) is a commodity brokerage firm that offers broking services to clients who trade in physical commodities as well as derivatives. Please click anywhere inside this box to know more about us.

Our products are all commodities traded in the Indonesian exchange multilaterally (Multilateral Commodity Futures Trading) and organized physical market. Our prime product is gold investment

Gold Rollover Contract – USD

USD Gold Rollover Contract is a Gold Rollover Contract with USD denomination, that will continue to rollover without due date

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Gold Rollover Contract – IDR

Gold Rollover Contract is an investment options based on Rupiah, that will continue to rollover without a due date

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Gold Futures Contract

An attractive derivative/speculative gold investment instrument

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Gold Periodic Contract

Gold Periodic Contract is a hybrid investment instrument, combining gold bullion and its derivative in one investment product

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Gold Bullion Investment

Gold Bullion with official certification of LOGAM MULIA (ANTAM) and others, provided it is internationally accredited by LONDON BULLION METAL ASSOCIATION (LBMA).

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